Main Courses

Viva Main Courses

Pollo meraviglia

Grilled breast of chicken on a compote of tomatoes and basil topped with asparagus and dolce latte, wrapped in a honey roasted ham

Petto di pollo crema e funghi

Chicken breast with cream, brandy and mushrooom sauce on a bed of rice

Battuta di pollo alla Milanese

Chicken breast bread crumbed and pan-fried served on a bed of garlic and chilli spaghetti

Tagliata alla Fiorentina

Grilled prime sirloin steak, sliced and finished in the oven with extra virgin olive oil, served and on a bed of spinach , grilled mushrooms, Pecorino cheese .

Bistecca funghi e aglio

Grilled prime sirloin steak topped with mushrooms, garlic and cream

Filetto al pepe nero

Grilled fillet steak in a cream and brandy sauce with peppercorns

Filetto Rossini

Grilled Scottish salmon with wholegrain mustard

Filetto ai gamberoni

Grilled fillet steak served with king prawns and garlic on a bed of seasonal leaves

***All Main Course are served with medley of vegetables***

 Fresh Fish supplied daily    ***    Ask waiter for Specials